Environmental Sustainability

Yordar has a commitment to the continual development and implementation of effective sustainability solutions in our business processes and practices, to benefit our impact on the environments of which we work. This includes initiatives within the workplace and also through all of our ordering processes and supply chain.  It is our policy at Yordar that we actively pursue methods of minimising our cost to the environment and building them into our daily practices.

Keeping it clean

Sustainable at Every Step

At Yordar, we're committed to environmentally sustainable practices at every step. From the time an order is placed to the time it's on a plate! Whether it's compostable cutlery or sustainably sourced produce, through our platform, we empower customers to make environmentally conscious choices. By promoting eco-conscious practices, we're driving positive change towards a more sustainable future for businesses and the planet. By fostering these connections at each stage of the ordering process and promoting sustainability throughout our supply chain, we contribute to a greener future for both businesses and the planet.

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Uniting for a Greener World

Supplier Partnerships and Sustainability

Our supplier partnerships and standards are fundamental pillars of our commitment to sustainability. We meticulously select suppliers who share our values and prioritise eco-friendly practices. By partnering with suppliers certified in organic, Fair Trade, and other sustainability standards, we ensure that our products meet the highest ethical and environmental benchmarks. Our criteria for supplier selection extend beyond product quality to encompass responsible sourcing, renewable energy usage, and ethical labor practices. Together with suppliers, we work towards reducing packaging waste, optimising transportation logistics, and implementing innovative solutions to minimise our environmental footprint.

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