Diversity & Inclusion

A growing body of research shows organisations that embrace diversity and establish an inclusive workplace culture perform at higher levels. The direct benefits of diversity and inclusion include higher employee engagement and retention of talent, better decision-making, faster problem solving, greater innovation and increased creativity -- to name a few. Founded by first-generation Australians, we at Yordar have always strived to build our teams with these ideas in mind and proudly represent a diverse workplace.

A workplace for everyone

Inclusive Workplace Culture

We are committed to fortifying our involvement and responsibility in achieving diversity and inclusion objectives. Through Yordar-sponsored employee network groups, we are fostering engagement and empowerment among our workforce. We are dedicated to ensuring that our internal policies foster an inclusive workplace environment by scrutinising language usage for inclusivity and identifying any policies or practices that inadvertently discriminate against priority diversity groups. Additionally, we prioritise sharing exemplary practices, insights, and experiences through cross-divisional and external collaborations, thereby contributing to the advancement of diversity and inclusion both within our organisation and beyond.

In our office

Australia More Diverse than Ever!

In Australia, diversity is inherent: 22% speak another language, 11% identify as LGBTQI, 12% are informal carers, 50% have migrant backgrounds, 1/5 live with disabilities, and 300 ancestries are represented! Inclusivity is vital to honour and empower every individual's unique identity and contribution. Additionally, Australia embraces a rich tapestry of cultural traditions, with Indigenous cultures dating back tens of thousands of years, further enriching the nation's diverse landscape.
Embracing diversity not only fosters a more inclusive and equitable workplace but also promotes innovation, creativity, and empathy, ultimately leading to a happy and healthy workplace for everyone! That's why it's our goal at Yordar to represent everyone in the workplace.

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