Team Ordering

Let everyone place their own meal order, Yordar sends all the orders over to our restaurant partner(s) together to be processed and delivered at the same time. Each meal arrives in its own bag and labeled and no one had to leave their desk.

Yordar's Team Ordering tool is brilliant, it streamlined what was a very frustrating process. I love the amount of control I have with this tool also.

Sophia - Desk Space
Easy ordering as a group

Endless meal options

Delicious food delivered from a large list and growing of amazing restaurant and catering partners, feeding the staff has never been easier!

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Simplified billing

Account or individual payments

With Yordar Team Ordering the company can be billed for any team orders placed or individual team members can pay for themselves, every option is covered!

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Easy to use

Great tech

Our team ordering feature was designed to offer the simplest user experience, rest assure when its time to order the team will love the experience.

Why Yordar?

5 reasons you have to try team ordering with Yordar.

Simplify the ordering process

Creating a team order takes no more than 30 seconds, you can invite the appropriate attendees and the system will do the rest!

Control per head budget

Stop cheeky staff from ordering too much, set a per head budget that they are not permitted to go over.

Give flexibility to the staff

Staff love the ability to personalise their order and get exactly what they feel like as well as satisfy any of their personal dietary requests.

Hygienic Ordering

No need to have share plates in a confined space. All orders arriving in separately labelled bags ensures a healthy working environment.

Ordering Accuracy

Perfect for navigating WFH office attendance. Rather than guessing headcount, only the team members present on the chosen day will order.

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