Why Sushi Catering Could Be Perfect For Your Next Event

Sushi Catering For Your Next Work Event

Selecting the perfect menu for a corporate event can be a bit like navigating a minefield! Even if you play it safe and stick to popular crowd-pleasers, it only takes one dissatisfying dish to disappoint your guests and dampen the mood. 

Then there’s the challenge of serving choices that will suit all dietary requirements. From allergies and intolerances to plant-based preferences, it’s more common than ever for people to follow a strict set of food choices. 

While it may have been acceptable for a menu to feature one, basic vegetarian option in the past, nowadays people expect to be properly accommodated with a range of tasty alternatives. 

To give your event the best chance for success, you need to opt for a cuisine that can be easily adapted to different requirements. One that can be enjoyed by lovers of simple food just as much as those with more sophisticated palates.

The answer? Japanese food. Believe it or not, the humble sushi roll could be exactly what you need to win over even the most fastidious of clients. Sushi platters are incredibly versatile, with the ability to provide a variety of sweet, salty and spicy flavours that are sure to hit the spot. 

Here are four reasons why you should seriously consider sushi catering for your next work event. 

#1 Friendly to All Dietaries

Whether it’s due to medical reasons, a desire to be environmentally conscious or a commitment to health and weight loss, there are so many potential dietary requirements out there. Thankfully, sushi platters can be prepared in a way that caters to almost every set of criteria imaginable. 

Gluten & Dairy Free 

The roasted seaweed or ‘nori’ used to encase the sushi roll is naturally gluten-free. It’s only when soy sauce and teriyaki flavourings are added to the nori that it becomes problematic for anyone with gluten or soy intolerances. 

The same goes for sushi rice. Even when mixed with sugar and rice wine vinegar, sushi rice is still free from gluten. From there, it’s very easy for a sushi catering company to use gluten-free ingredients for filling. 

Nori and sushi rice are also dairy free. The only dangers to someone with lactose intolerance come in the form of potential preservatives added to wasabi sauce or imitation crab, both of which can easily be avoided. 

Pescatarian, Vegetarian & Vegan 

There are plenty of sushi fillings that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, including tofu, avocado, mango, cucumber, carrot, asparagus, mushrooms and more. 

Sushi is pretty much a dream food choice for pescatarians. From scallops to eel, mackerel and prawns, almost every fish in the sea is available in one type of sushi or another.  

On the flip side, anyone with a sensitivity to shellfish can still enjoy beef and chicken options. However, it is best to advise the caterer of a shellfish allergy to ensure the alternatives can be prepared separately with no cross-contamination. 

Paleo & Keto 

Sashimi is a great choice for anyone on a paleo or keto diet. As both diets encourage people to cut their intake of grains, sushi rice isn’t ideal for anyone who strictly adheres to a paleo or keto lifestyle. While a traditional sushi roll may not be suitable, it is possible to put together rice free options with meat and vegetables wrapped directly in nori. 

#2 Plate It How You Like It

There are so many different ways to serve sushi. If you’re organising catering for a cocktail style event with ample standing room, you could organise for waiters to mill through the crowd to offer sushi slices and delicacies as canapes. 

Alternatively, a large sushi platter could be arranged on a long, buffet table, allowing guests to self-serve and try various flavours. Or if your event requires a more formal, sit-down set up with allocated seating, sushi rolls could be served as entrees, followed by more substantial Japanese meals. Most sushi catering companies will also offer Japanese style mains and desserts. 

For an authentic and truly entertaining experience, you could even hire a teppanyaki chef to prepare sushi in front of your guests as they order. 

#3 Safe & Adventurous Options

Sushi can come in many forms, ranging from classic, crowd favourites right through to more unique and daring options. Those who are prepared to take a risk with their culinary choices will relish in the chance to sample sashimi, sea urchins, freshwater eel and more. Meanwhile, guests with more simple tastes will be able to safely enjoy teriyaki chicken, spicy tuna and California rolls. 

#4 Delicious & Nutritious

All sushi is good for your tastebuds, and certain options are good for your waistline as well. The nutrition content of sushi is highly dependent on the fillings used and sauces added. Combine nori with omega-3 fatty fish and vegetables and you have yourself a very healthy morsel indeed. But start adding tempura batter, soy sauce and imitation crab into the mix, and naturally the health rating is going to start to decline. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about moderation. Allow your guests to dabble in a few naughty options, while maintaining a steady flow of nutritious ingredients and you’ll have a more than satisfied crowd. 

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