6 Excellent Excuses to Host a Morning Tea at Your Office

We’ve all seen the ‘cake in the office kitchen’ memes where all reason flies out the window in the pursuit of a tasty morsel. It’s safe to say that pretty much every human on the planet has a deep appreciation for free food and nothing brightens a day in the office quite like a snacktastic treat.  

From boosting morale to supporting your culture, food can have a remarkable impact on team performance. By tapping into its powerful capabilities and taking every possible opportunity to feed your team, you can in turn fuel their productivity levels. On that note, here are 6 excellent excuses to host a morning tea at your office.


Support a Charitable Cause

Every year Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea raises money for the Cancer Council, but there’s no reason why your office can’t hold several charitable morning teas in the meantime. You could even turn it into a recurring event where the charity of choice changes from month to month.

 No matter whether you decide to have a gold coin donation for participation or charge a small fee per item, there are plenty of morning tea catering options out there that will suit your needs. If you opt for donation only, you could order a platter from Charlie and Franks, while decadent cupcakes from Vanilla Cupcakery would be perfect for set pricing per individual treat. 


Celebrate Team Birthdays

 Birthday cake is a nice way to celebrate a team member turning one year older, but why not back it up with a morning tea for all to share? People who follow a vegan, dairy free, paleo or keto diets may not be able to enjoy a slice of cake, so it makes sense to add a little diversity to the birthday celebration menu.

 The Catering Zone can help you put out quite a spread with options such as breakfast bagels, sliders and croissants, as well as assorted danishes, fruit skewers and other healthy options.


Take The Edge Off a Challenging Meeting

 There will be times when a difficult meeting must be held to iron out certain issues, discuss a tough situation or come up with a game plan. Lighten the mood from the get-go by providing a delicious morning tea in the meeting. Not only will it help to take the edge off, it will also boost the brain power and energy levels of your team members, increasing the chances of the meeting reaching a desirable outcome.

 In these situations, you’ll want healthy food catering options, such as the delicious wraps, sandwiches and salads by Chomp Life or the yoghurt pots, fruit boxes and energy bliss balls from Two Good Co. Sydney.


Bond With Neighbouring Businesses


Being neighbourly with people who live on your street usually involves the sharing of some sort of baked dish or a BBQ. Take the same approach into the workplace and use it as an opportunity to connect with the businesses that share your building or street corner. By sharing a morning tea together, you’ll be able to foster a sense of community. Who knows what might happen once you all start talking? You could find new and exciting ways to collaborate that you otherwise may have never discovered.

 Try Food Geek Sydney to get a wide selection of baguettes, sliders, savoury pastries, rice paper rolls, frittatas and more for your big morning tea.


Create Networking Opportunities

 Host a morning tea at your office and invite potential and existing clients to attend. Most companies tend to provide catered lunches or afternoon office drinks for networking purposes, so a mid-morning event could be exactly what you need to make your business stand out from the crowd.

 If you really want to set your company apart from your competitors, you could try a morning tea with a tasteful theme that will encourage people to attend. While some may not be drawn in by sandwiches and fruit salads, you might just get their attention if you offer Japanese or Indian cuisine, or even some Spanish tapas.


Help Seal The Deal

 If you’re holding a meeting to finalise an agreement or conduct negotiations of any kind, why not provide morning tea catering? It’s a nice gesture that is sure to put the other party into a good mood ahead of your business conversation. What’s more, it also provides the chance for you to have a more relaxed and informal chat before you get down to business, allowing you to further strengthen your working relationship.

 Seal the deal with small treats or entire platters from Penny Lane or try assorted baked goods and finger food from Jim & Co.


Organise Morning Tea Catering

 Ready to start dishing out office delight? Organise your next morning tea through Yordar. We can give you access to the best morning tea caterers in Sydney. Order online with us today.