Why You Need These 7 Fruit Varieties In Your Office Kitchen

Want to keep your team members at the top of their game? Organise weekly office fruit delivery services to provide your staff with access to nutritious, energy-boosting snacks.

 By managing the munchies with healthy catering alternatives, you’ll be able to prevent blood sugar crashes, brain fog and the general grumpiness that comes with eating naughty treats. Instead, with fruit boxes in the office, you’ll have a happy and productive team that’s less likely to get sick and more likely to perform at its full potential.

 And the best part is – corporate fruit doesn’t need to be boring! Give your team the chance to experience the taste of togetherness by allowing them to prepare exciting fruit-based meals as a bonding exercise. From sampling unique fruit varieties, to fun, simple recipes that can be whipped up in the office, there are all sorts of ways that you can support your culture through food. 

Here are 7 types of fruit that you absolutely need in your office pantry right now.


1) Bananas


You can’t have a fruit box without nature’s energy snack! Filled with vitamin B6, bananas are a great way to elevate the mood in the office. Plus, as a source of potassium, these slippery suckers are excellent for heart health and blood pressure.

 We might all be too embarrassed to admit it, but one thing’s for sure – there’s nothing worse than having an uncomfortable bowel movement while you’re at the office. There, we said it! Well, bananas can help with that too. As they’re high in fibre, they’re also great for digestion.

 There are lots of ways to use bananas for team bonding. Encourage your team to have a shared breakfast in the office before starting time. Use sliced bananas as toppings for cereal or toast. If you have any bakers in the team, have them take a bunch home. They can prepare banana bread or muffins to enjoy for office morning tea the next day.


2) Blueberries


High in antioxidants and known cancer-fighters, blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits you can get. For team members constantly in and out of the office, a handful of berries is a snacktastic choice. They’re easy to grab and eat on the run and can help to keep blood sugar levels stabilised. You could also do a smoothie or a pancake day in the office and make blueberries the star attraction.


3) Avocado


Need we say anymore! Whether it’s smashed avo, guacamole dip or a salad topper, pretty much everyone is a fan of avocado. With a high content of fatty acids, avocados are excellent for heart health and pack even more of a potassium punch than bananas! They’ve even been known to lower cholesterol levels.

 You could hold a Mexican fiesta in the office with freshly made guacamole, or simply give staff the chance to add avocado to their homemade breakfast or lunch.


4) Oranges


Hellooo immunity boost! Provide oranges in your office to give your team a nice dose of vitamin C. It can be very difficult to contain sickness within the confines of an office, so help it stay away altogether. Oranges are great for both warding off and soothing the symptoms of cold and flu.

Your team could work together to squeeze out some orange juice and have an afternoon tea pick-me-up, or simply slice it up and eat it as is. 


5) Jackfruit


As a popular vegan substitute for pork, jackfruit is sure to tick everybody’s boxes. High in vitamin C and magnesium, jackfruit is also good for blood sugar control.

 Think of any pulled pork recipe and replace it with jackfruit. Make sliders, bao buns, pizza, tacos and more in the office! By using a delicious meat-free alternative, you’ll be able to ensure that people of all dietaries can feel included.


6) Passionfruit


Every workplace can become a little stressful sometimes. Introduce passionfruit into your office snack rack and give your team members an opportunity to lower their anxiety levels. Aside from its stress-reducing compounds, passionfruit is also low GI, making it a great choice for diabetics.

 Use passionfruit as a topping for yoghurt at morning tea, dressing for salads at lunch, or mix it into a cocktail for Friday office drinks.


7) Figs


Last, but not least, we have a healthy sweet treat. When your team members are reaching for chocolate and lollies, encourage them to grab a fig instead. Low in calories and high in fibre, figs are ideal for managing sugar cravings. They also offer one of the largest sources of plant-based calcium.

 Have your staff make fig porridge for breakfast or you could create a jam making group and bring fig jam into the office for all to share. Your team could also make energy bliss balls loaded with figs and other ingredients such as oats, seeds and nuts.


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