5 Ways Office Catering Can Boost Morale  

There’s a reason why Snickers has built all of its marketing campaigns around the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” tagline. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, out and about or working at the office, as soon as your tummy starts grumbling, the hangry vibes begin to take over. 

While food keeps those pesky hunger demons at bay, it’s also a great way to bring people together. With an uncanny ability to lift spirits and improve overall mood, the right food at the right time can make a big impact on workplace culture. The simple act of sharing a meal as a group can do wonders for strengthening relationships and fostering a sense of community.

By organising office catering on a regular basis, you can improve workplace satisfaction and in turn generate increased productivity levels. Here are 5 ways you could use corporate catering to boost morale. 

#1 Acknowledge All Achievements 

While winning a major award or smashing an annual goal is awesome, it’s important to also acknowledge the little wins. Did your team exceed its targets for the week? Has a challenging project made it to the finish line? Did a group of team members act quickly to contain a situation? If anyone went above and beyond day to day operations, you have the perfect opportunity to hold a celebration. And no celebration is complete without food! 

Order catering for a office morning or afternoon tea and show your team members that they are appreciated. When employees receive recognition and feel valued by a business, they are more likely to perform well in the future. 

For office catering in Sydney, you could try a grazing platter from The Catering Department or a super sweet treat from Dr Dough Donuts. If your office is in Melbourne, you could get some novelty cookies with custom messages from Melbourne Cookie Co. and Brisbane offices could try Mr T’s Bakery for sweet and savoury baked goods. 

#2 Keep Up the Hard Work 

Everyone knows how draining it can be to sit in a meeting for hours on end. No matter whether it’s to discuss a significant operational change or finish a project within a tight deadline, lengthy meetings are likely to leave your team members feeling a little frazzled. 

During these situations, it’s very easy for staff to forget to eat or avoid taking a break. People often think that skipping meals will allow them to get more work done. But being busy and being productive are two different things. To maintain peak performance over an extended period of time, your team members need to fuel their minds with appropriate food choices. 

Support your team with corporate catering and help them stay at the top of their game. With suitable snacks, your team members will be able to remain focussed and power through any challenge that comes their way. What’s more, by recognising their hard work and providing them with the tools to help them through, your team is likely to feel gratitude toward management, as opposed to any negative sentiments. 

Melbourne office catering options could include ordering a veggie packed salad platter from Organic Kitchen Caterers or a crumbed confit mushroom stack from Burger Project Melbourne.

#3 Say Hello or Goodbye 

From maternity leave to travel plans and career changes, there will always be a variety of reasons why team members will move on from your company. When the time comes to farewell an employee, why not host a lunch to reflect on their contributions? 

With team members departing to explore other avenues, you will naturally need to hire new staff to fill the gaps. Once again, you can order lunch to bring the team together and welcome the newest members.  

If you’re looking for office catering in Brisbane or Sydney, you could go for pizza with Made In Italy or sushi with Zushi or try protein bowls or energising smoothies from The Hungry Mind. For lunch options in Melbourne, you could order 11INCH Pizza or try loaded stuffed potatoes from Spud Bar for something a little different.  

#4 Feast On Culture 

We’re very lucky in Australia to live in such a culturally diverse country. In any office you’re likely to have team members hailing from all over the globe. One of the greatest ways to celebrate different cultures in the workplace is through food. Allow your team to bond and experience the culture of others by coming together to enjoy the flavours of the world. From Spanish food to Vietnamese dishes and Indian cuisine, you can order dishes from almost any country. 

While corporate catering can be ordered for specific events, you can also order food to the office on a daily basis. By stocking your office kitchen with nutritious snacks, you can assist your team members in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From fruit boxes to vegetable juices and Greek yoghurt pots, you can have all sorts of grab and go items on hand to support your staff. For team members that are often on the road and in and out of the office, these snacks will definitely be appreciated. It may be a small gesture, but it demonstrates that you care about your employees and in turn your office morale will be boosted.  

#5 Order Corporate Catering 

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