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When we began this journey 12 years ago, we built a business to support a world of work that wouldn’t be built until decades ahead. We were ahead of our time. Now is our time. Today we have the opportunity to redefine the significance of food for the 21st-century workplace and beyond.

Yordar Office Catering
Yordar Office Catering
Founder story

The story behind Yordar

About 12 years ago, Joe Messina started with the bold idea that as work and life blur, as companies become borderless and their people mobile, that people would expect the same support, care and enrichment from their place of work as they do their place of rest.
Yordar was established specifically with this in mind, he created a platform that would essentially become a food service layer to help elevate and nourish the work place.

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Yordar Office Catering
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Our Culture

Yordar works to create a company culture that cultivates a down to earth, creatively energetic, and independent work environment and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our team has the unique ability to help other teams create a happy and nourished work environment through food. We are knowledgeably confident with our clients and with each other but not arrogant. We see ourselves as partners in helping each other and our clients achieve their goals.

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