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What we do

The Yordar ordering network’s primary function is to provide our clients with a simplified all in one ordering system to find and order from the best local and national caterers & suppliers. Our clients are businesses from 10 through to 20,000 staff. Yordar connects you with customers through our online business ordering facility.

We are NOT an online business listing service. Our core function is to generate actual orders for our suppliers from our clients. Revenue for our suppliers equates to revenue for us.

How we help your business

Free account signup

There’s no costs to register and be part of the Yordar supply network

Increased exposure

Open your business up to our large customer base and drive more sales to your business


The Yordar marketing approach uses several proven tools to generate new business for our suppliers, including:

Simplify the ordering process

Yordar’s ordering technology helps suppliers to streamline and simplify the process of receiving orders. All the information required to fulfil an order is sent to you via email with a link to confirm or decline your availability to fulfil the order.

Daily order summaries are sent at the end of each day with a reminder of the jobs your business is required to fulfill the next day. Customised order integration into our suppliers own systems is also available through API development.

Simplified billing

All orders generated through the Yordar system are billable directly to Yordar, so there’s no chasing multiple customers for payment. Yordar pays its suppliers directly, within the agreed payment terms as set out upon becoming a supplier in the Yordar network.

Simplified catalogue and menu management

Your menus and catalogues are posted online on the Yordar system, making them available for our customers to order from. The ability to manage your online catalogue or menu is made easy using Yordar’s simple menu management technology.

Business growth advice and guidance

Yordar wants your business to thrive. We can suggest ways to improve sales to your business, make suggestions on menu and catalogue price competitiveness, delivery costs, order minimums, food/product presentation and more. Take advantage of Yordar’s years of experience working with some of the largest companies in Australia.

National leverage

Are you losing business to national providers who are offering similar products or services to you? Yordar helps you leverage our national supplier network and get the clients you couldn’t compete for before.

How we make money:

Yordar only generates income if we are getting orders for our suppliers. Typically we take an agreed percentage commission from orders that we generate for your business.

Think of us as an additional sales, marketing, order facilitation, and account management arm of your business. We’re here to help take the burden off suppliers in the very costly and time-consuming process of generating new business while maintaining current business.

Put simply, there is nothing to lose and lots to gain by moving your business forward and joining with the Yordar national supplier network.

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