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National Solutions and Supplier Discovery

Thanks to extensive research into partner suppliers, Yordar saves you office catering and supply procurement time in searching the marketplace for the best suppliers to service your company. Use our established network of suppliers to find the best providers. Whether it’s local, statewide or national supply solutions you’re after, Yordar has you covered. 

Rate scheduling and enhancing the RFP and RFQ process

The tender process can be managed through Yordar’s rich supplier network. Yordar's potential customers can engage the appropriate certified and quality controlled suppliers for tender based on the ability to filter for specific customer requirements.

Multiply your price bargaining power

Increase your procurement bargaining power by leveraging Yordar's already established supplier relationships. This allows you to benefit from not just your own ordering volume, but also from Yordar's established enterprise-level business volume with its suppliers.

Purchasing made simple

Provide the staff in your company with a cloud based tool that simplifies the procurement and purchasing of goods and services to the office. This tool will also allow the streamlining of company-wide ordering, from office managers and personal assistants through to facilities managers and catering/kitchen managers.

Streamline and simplify account processing

Take advantage of the single invoice solution provided by Yordar for services used through the Yordar system. By streamlining billing and accounts, Yordar can save your company valuable processing time that can now be allocated to more productive tasks.

Efficiencies creation

At Yordar we build lasting partnerships with our clients. We are always interested in our clients’ needs and continually strive to create efficiencies for our clients through innovations in service and technology, particularly during the procurement process.

Free Service

There are no software costs or fees. Using the Yordar service for your office catering and supply procurement is absolutely free.

We service many of Australia’s largest companies in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

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