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Caitre'd has been friends with Yordar in the catering
space for a while, and have recently merged with
Yordar to provide you with a broader
range of great quality suppliers

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What does this mean for you as
a current Caitre'd client?

Caitre'd clients will still have access to the same great
service and suppliers that you know and love,
with the addition of Yordar's existing catering
expertise and suppliers.

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From Friday 28 July 2017 your account will be managed by Yordar. Your existing account information will be migrated across to the Yordar portal automatically. If you need to update any of your account details you can get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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Orders/Account Management

From Friday 28 July 2017 you will no longer be able to place orders through Caitre'd, so make sure to save [email protected] and 1300 101 718 as your go to contact details for all of your catering needs.

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Exciting extras

As well as years of experience in the catering realm, Yordar offers some new and exciting options in staff food and beverage. From pantry management to dairy and fresh produce deliveries, Yordar can manage all of your office needs in one place!

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Getting Started With Yordar

Current Caitre'd clients can get started with Yordar by using their Caitre'd email to log in. Your user details will automatically be migrated across to the Yordar portal from Friday 28 July 2017, you will just need to reset your password to sign in.

Some of our office fruit supply clients

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